Sunday Service for 10th January

Welcome to our online service for 10th January 2021. Please click on the video link below to take part.

Coffee Morning

An informal Sunday morning coffee meeting will be held via Zoom from 11:15AM. The details are:

Meeting ID: 754 808 403 – Password: 031195

Service Collection and online gifts/donations

If you attend our on line services and normally give via the collection plate, or if you wish to make a donation to the work of the church, you can use the attached link to make a gift. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the work of St Andrews Church. Your contributions are very much appreciated. 

Giving link


Order of Service:

  • Welcome and Opening prayer – Sue 
  • Prayer of Preparation – Sue 
  • Confession and Absolution – Sue
  • Collect – Sue
  • Readings: Acts 19: 1-7 – Elizabeth
  • Mark 1: 4-11 Graham
  • Sermon – Greg
  • Song: Breathe on me, Breath of God – Di
  • Intercessions and Lord’s Prayer – Sue
  • Notices and Final Blessing – Greg


Sunday Service for 27th December

Welcome to our video service! To take part, please click on the video link below:

Order of service:

  • Welcome, prayer of preparation, confession, absolution: Greg
  • Reading – Titus 2.11-14: Victoria
  • Song: See Him Lying On A Bed Of Straw
  • Reading – Luke 2.1-20: Victoria
  • Sermon: Greg
  • Intercessions and Lord’s Prayer: Lynnette
  • Song: Once In Royal David’s City
  • Notices and Blessing: Greg

Christmas Service

Welcome to the Christmas 2020 Service! Please click on the video link below to take part.

Order of Service:

Welcome & Opening Prayer: Sue

Lighting of Advent Candles: Greg

Prayer of Preparation: Sue

Confession and Absolution: Sue

Collect: Sue

Reading – Isaiah 52: 7-10: Luke

Song – Come and Join the Celebration

Reading – John 1 1-14: Fran

Sermon: Greg

Intercessions: Lesley

Lord’s Prayer: Sue

Song – O Come All You Faithful

Notices & Final Blessing: Greg

Online Services Appeal – Enabling your church to offer online services

Coronavirus has required St Andrew’s to be innovative in the way it reaches out and supports our community. We have recorded Sunday services each week and posted them on our website for people to feel connected with our church and to worship God. 

This has been really well received by members of the church community, the parish and yes, across the country (we have received some lovely feedback from people who have watched the services who don’t live in Eastern Green, or even Coventry). 

We are planning some exciting services to celebrate Christmas, from our Carol Service to an interactive Crib Service for young families, please look out for them on our webpage.

However, although this has been great, it does have some limitations, especially in these times when numbers allowed in church are so restricted. With your help we want to expand and improve our service to the community.  We are launching an appeal to raise £8,000 to install equipment to allow us to live stream our services. This will give us the capability and opportunity to live stream Sunday Services. It will also give us the opportunity, when appropriate and possible, to live stream other important services, for example funerals. We can all understand how difficult it is for families and friends not to be together to celebrate someone’s life. An online service, streamed to a person’s home can help both support the family and those not able to attend.

We are applying to organisations for grants to secure half the cost, but need to meet the other half from donations. If you feel that this is something you can support please make a donation via this link. Thank you……….

Sunday Service for 29th November 2020 (Advent 1)

Welcome to our service for the first Sunday in Advent! Please click on the video below to take part.

Order of service:

  • Welcome, prayer of preparation, confession, absolution – Greg
  • Readings: Isaiah 64.1-9 and Mark 13.24-37 – Angela
  • Sermon – Lynnette
  • Hymn: Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending – Di
  • Intercessions and Lord’s Prayer – Nick
  • Notices and Blessing – Greg
  • The Blessing Song – Churches across the UK

Memorial Service, 8th November 2020

To take part in the Memorial Service, please click on the YouTube link below. 

Order of service:

  • Welcome – Greg
  • Song: Be Still – Dan & Kirstie
  • Poem: Footprints – Rita
  • Reading: Luke 24.13-35 – Nick
  • Address
  • Act of Remembrance – Greg, Fran, Nick
  • Song: 10000 reasons – Dan & Kirstie (opportunity to light a candle in memory of a loved one)
  • Blessing

Sunday Service for All Saints – 1st November 2020

Welcome to our Sunday service. Please click on the video link below to take part in the service.


Order of service

  • Welcome – Greg
  • Prayer of preparation – Greg
  • Confession and absolution – Greg
  • Reading: Romans 12:9-16 – Elizabeth
  • Reading: Acts 2: 42-47 – Graham
  • Sermon – Greg
  • Song: For All The Saints – Di
  • Intercessions – Lynnette
  • Notices and Blessing – Greg

Sunday Service – 6th September

To take part in our online service, please click on the video link below

Order of service:

  • Introduction, Prayer of Preparation, Confession, Absolution: Greg
  • Reading – Romans 13.8-14: Elizabeth
  • Hymn – Be Still for the Presence of the Lord: Di
  • Gospel Reading – Matthew 18.15-20: Graham
  • Sermon: Lesley
  • Hymn: Amazing Grace: Di
  • Intercessions and Lord’s Prayer: Greg
  • Notices and Blessing: Greg

Sunday Service for 23rd August

Welcome to our Sunday Service. To take part, please click on the video below.

Order of service

  • Welcome and opening prayer, prayers of preparation, confession and absolution – Lesley Lee
  • 1st Reading Romans 12; 1-8 – Elizabeth Shelton
  • 2nd Reading: Matthew 16; 13-20
  • Sermon – Sue Masters
  • Song -Before the Throne of God Above – Di Fellowes (Shared Drive)
  • Intercessions – Charley Watts
  • Lord’s Prayer – Lesley Lee
  • Notices and blessing – Greg Smith

Sunday Service for 9th August 2020

To take part in the service, please click on the video link below:

Order of service:

  • Welcome and opening prayer: Sue
  • Prayer of preparation: Sue
  • Confession and absolution: Sue
  • Readings – Romans 10:5-15 & Matthew 14 22-33: Victoria
  • Sermon: Greg
  • Song – The Creed: Dan & Kirstie
  • Intercessions: Sue
  • Lord’s Prayer: Sue
  • Blessing and Notices: Greg