Alpha Course

It is a course of ten sessions that explores the Christian faith in an interactive format with space for your questions and for discussions about faith and how this can impact your life.
St. Andrew’s runs Alpha courses once a year. We usually meet at the Vicarage, are served a wonderful home cooked meal, make new friends, listen to a talk on a key aspect of the Christian faith and then take part in a small group discussion with a handful of others who are seeking to know more and share their doubts and questions. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.
The course runs over ten weeks with an Away Day during that ten week period. Participants would be expected to attend at least 7 of the sessions and it is vital that they attend the Away Day.
Here are some comments made about the course:
  • “The talks were inspirational”
  • “I so much appreciated the warmth of the welcome, the setting and the wonderful meal”
  • “I almost didn’t come, but I’m so glad I did”
  • “Getting together in small groups is such a good idea”
  • Each week followed the same format; a lovely meal with wine or soft drinks followed by a short presentation by a variety of inspirational speakers. We then divided into two groups to continue the discussion. There were clearly people in the groups that had a wealth of experience and knowledge about the bible and about faith but they like the rest of us, were still looking for understanding if not answers. We shared tips on a number of issues for example, how to read the bible and how to pray. I’ll always remember the phrase, ‘Hello, it’s me again’.
Some Alpha groups form such a close bond of friendship that they choose to continue to meet once the course is over. The leadership of the church is pleased to support this when it happens.
Why not think about being part of our next Alpha Course. If you would like to know more about Alpha please contact Sue masters on 07958322026 or, or speak with Revd Greg Smith.