Prayer and Fasting


Why Fast?
The first key passage is: Matthew 6.16-18 where Jesus makes clear that it is an expectation of discipleship that fasting should occur

Important Notes

– No one should fast against medical advice e.g. diabetics

– Feeling hungry is not the same as being hungry.  Jesus’ 40 day fast was not miraculous

What is the purpose of fasting?

The second key passage is: Mark 14.38

Spiritual training is similar to physical training.

A reminder that prayer is not just an exercise for the mind, but entails our whole being

How should we fast?

Eliminate distractions

Making time

Alternatives include specific luxuries; one meal a day or carbon  £1 a day for 5 days

Why Now?

The time between Ascension and Pentecost is a time of waiting for God to do something new and powerful. The third key passage is: Acts 1.4

An opportunity for the whole church to experience and learn about fasting together

What Next?

Make your pledge to God (if you feel guided to do so)

What, when and how long?


  1.        One meal a day for five days
  2.        No bread or lunch for 10 days
  3.        Giving up lunch for as long as I can
  4.        Live below line £1 a day Mon-Fri
  5.        Miss at least one meal every day
  6.        Not nibbling in the evenings – making more quiet time
  7.        Live below line for a week after Pentecost
  8.        Miss one meal a day plus eradication of snacking