St Andy’s Church (formerly StAPH) & Bannerbrook Park

 IMPORTANT UPDATE (02/11/17) : St Andy’s at St Andrew’s at 4pm on Sundays in November!

In case you have not heard the news, St Andy’s is no longer meeting at the Woodlands 6th Form Centre due to the building failing a health and safety survey.

So for 3 weeks in November (12th, 19th and 26th), we will have moved our service to St Andrew’s parish Church on Church Lane in Eastern Green (CV5 7BX) at 4pm. All welcome, and we will follow our usual pattern of having children’s groups on 12th and 26th, and an all-age service on 26th.

For more information, contact Phil by emailing Philrichardson at

“Reaching out and working together to share God’s love”

St Andy’s Church (formerly known as StAPH) is St Andrew’s Church plant which at 10.30am each week (except the 1st Sunday of each when we meet at St Andrews, Eastern Green).  We have a contemporary service that lasts about an hour and provides a perfect way to explore faith in a relaxed setting.

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wp_20160808_20_50_26_proSt Andy’s Church is led by Phil Richardson, who is married to Anne and moved to St Andy’s in May 2014. Phil is also training to become a vicar part-time at St Mellitus College in Londonclick here to discover more about Phil Richardson.

St Andy’s Church is a vibrant and growing congregation.  The themes of our services explore the fundamental questions of faith, such as ‘Does Prayer Work?’ and ‘What is Faith?’  Our worship music is band-led and our talks are relaxed, informal and challenging. We come together to worship God, be built up and encouraged in our faith, and empowered to go out and share the goodness of God with the world. All are welcome, and we have no expectation on anyone to ‘be a Christian’ to join us. 

Our Services


A typical service at St Andy’s Church is like any other Church service but with an informal feel. The layout is standard rows of seating but we have recently created a ‘creche’ space at the back of the room so that parents of babies and toddlers can join in with the service.

Music is led by guitarist or a band, and songs are a mixture of new and old. Our talks last around 10-15 minutes and relate to the theme or book of the Bible we happen to be focussing on (see below for what the theme is at the moment).

Afterwards you are welcome to stay for a cup of tea or coffee.

St Andy’s meets on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of every month from 10.30am.

Below are details of forthcoming services at St Andy’s.

St Andy’s (formerly known as StAPH) Programme
September – December 2017
Theme:  The Reason for our Hope (1 Peter)

Date Reading Notes
10th Sept 1 v1-9 Church in the pub
17th Sept StAPH 10 year anniversary Church in the park
24th Sept 1v 10-21 Church in the pub 2
8th Oct Giving Communion
15th Oct 2 v4-10 Phil away
22nd Oct 2 v11-17 Phil away
29th Oct 2 v18-25  
12th Nov 3 v1-7  
19th Nov 3 v15-22  
26th Nov 4 v12-19 Communion
Phil at St Andrew’s
10th Dec 5 v1-11  
17th Dec Christmas Special Christmas Special
24th Dec Christmas Social Christmas Social


On the second and fourth Sundays of the month, our team put on separate sessions for children and young people aged 4 to 16. On the third Sunday of the month all ages come together for a child-friendly service. The basic pattern for our services for each month is as below:

2nd Sunday One group for all children and young people
3rd Sunday All age service
4th Sunday Separate groups for primary school and secondary school aged children.
5th Sunday All age service
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Bannerbrook Park

We are involved in various events on Bannerbrook Park including…

Annual Fun Day
Ran July 16th
For more info search Facebook:
Click here to see the poster for the event.


The Easter Egg Hunt 


The Lantern Walk